Talk to everybody

I have a motto in work or life : Be an adventurous networker aka no one is too big or too small, or too rich or too good looking or whatever annoying excuse that you’re telling yourself to not walk up and introduce yourself.

Because, really! what’s the worst that could happen?

You might get rejected or ignored? So what? just move on, smile and talk to someone else. A lot of times, these unfriendly people will come back to you when you’re having an animated chat with the new people that you just became friends with at an event.

When I got back from New York after 5 years of not living or socialising or keeping in touch with anyone in Delhi, it hit me hard. I took for granted that I would just stay on in New York and be comfortable with all the friends that I made in college. I thank my luck because, I wouldn’t be the networker I am today if I didn’t have to figure it all out on my own. I felt the repercussions when I was looking for my first job or just trying to hang out with friends to talk about the big changes in my life. I had nobody! Friends or work, I realised that I had to get out of my comfort zone and go out and socialise and add to my network.

Event after event, I went alone and introduced myself to everyone, and I mean, I did not discriminate – big or small, short or tall. I would collect 10-20 contacts easy in a day.

Life is too short to worry about WHAT IF..

WHAT IF… you walked over and spoke to that person and god forbid! you made a meaningful conversation and actually connected?

& omg! it would seriously suck once the you guys figure out that the both of you have the same movie choices and go to the same neighborhood club once a month.

I really hope you sensed the sarcasm in the last 5 lines.

Take a deep breathe, smile (it goes a long way) and go introduce yourself. Who knows! your next dream client, project, job or even relationship could be standing right before you.

Go shine!

Shruti Kumar

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Show up

Everyday is not the same, I know, you don’t wake up feeling awesome every morning and killing it.

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but, you know what? in my experience, you can kick that feeling’s behind and out of the nearest window.

Its as simple as SHOWING UP!

SHOW UP to the gym or the park or your dance/zumba/yoga class or just put on that song that never gets old and dance by yourself, it works better than coffee so you can take over the day. (P.S.- I have nothing against coffee, I LOVE COFFEE)

SHOW UP to work! no matter how hungover or whatever excuse it is you’re making to not, you’re only going to feel worse when you’re idling away 3 hours trying to find something to watch on Netflix. Plus! everyone else is at work, who you gonna hang out with??

SHOW UP to that family dinner or that reunion that you would normally back out of, it just feels great to belong and catch up. These are people that genuinely want to know whats going on with your life and honestly, less nerve-wracking than going to a networking event solo. 

SHOW UP to that event where you know nobody (I’ll show you how you can get over your fear of not being able to start a conversation with someone you don’t know in another post).

SHOW UP to take care of yourself – you have to schedule solo time with yourself so you can rejuvenate, be bored(this is great for productivity – more about this too later), so take that solo trip, check into a hotel, finish that book and do a staycation (stay away from the TV) or just schedule a glow up with a massage and pampering at your nearest salon/spa.

SHOW UP for that shower, showers are the best! In my experience, there is nothing a long warm shower cant fix – it calms your nerves, gives you good ideas  and great singing.

SHOW UP for sleep, I know we are all on a hustle everyday, juggling 20 different things in life. Have a good hustle! a good hustle is when you sleep and you make the most of your day instead of going 24-48 hours without sleep, I mean no good comes out of a mind without rest.

I know these are so many things you have to show up to – just remember, that you do baby steps and everything works when you do one thing at a time.

For that extra help, I keep track of all my show ups in life with these sweet apps – Fabulous & Coach.me (These are clickable, if you want to download them for that extra help without paying for it)

Hope I helped you show up to something this week 🙂 

Shruti Kumar



Don’t forget to breathe

Hi there!

I’ve realised that we have so much going on sometimes that we forget to breathe.

Try this – take a deep breath, hold it for 6 seconds and let it go slowly till you empty out those lungs.

This is nothing short of a miracle worker, 10 minutes of this can power though the after effects of a negative feedback meeting or when you want to be really mean to somebody or you’re overwhelmed and need to power through a 1000 other things.

So don’t forget to breathe today!

~Shruti Kumar

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Hi! its Shruti Kumar

Hello there!
If we’ve met, you would know that I LOVE PEOPLE! If we haven’t met, I think you’re about to find out.
What am I doing with Network is Networth? 
I want network is networth to be an interesting mix of Shruti Kumar approved and tested know-how on positivity, work-life balance (basically how to work hard and party hard and be sane), health – how to grow your energy and sustain it to do a million different things, networking for your business and personally, being more digital, business development so you can convert to sales, marketing tips, PR tips and experiences etc. basically everything that powers me and could in turn help you and your business to be your best.
Who’s Shruti Kumar and what does she do?
Born in New Delhi, girl at times, woman at times, I am on a journey of my business development consulting firm. I want to share all the learning, awesomeness and challenges that come on the way with you.
I love spreading joy and happiness in people’s lives and businesses, bringing positivity and possibility to everyone I meet. Cos hey! We are all good at something right? And even if you think you’re not, I’d love to find a way to help find it. I am going to help you be more friendly and warm towards one another (because your network is your net-worth).
In the past decade I’ve worked with luxury, lifestyle, digital brands yada yada… I am not trying to bore you with my resume you could just go to my LinkedIn  cheers!
My work is based on collaborating, networking, business development, events, launches, public relations, brand consulting, digital marketing and having a great lifestyle at the same time. I make people’s talent visible to the world, try to do cool things and create beautiful experiences that people want to be a part of.
This is my story of how I’m doing it,
Hope it helps you learn some fun things on the way guys!
Shruti Kumar